Back in 2009MAR10 I went to the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle. Welcome to sunny Melbourne. A place of fine gardens, picturesque parks and not so tall buildings. Melbourne is also home to some fine centres of learning. Universities where students from all around the world come to study and learn.

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A place of magnificent brains…

Attended the Melbourne … brains … Shuffle held at Carlton Gardens, Melbourne corner of corner of Rathdowne and Victoria streets, Melbourne, Saturday 9th May 2009 at 1300. Thanks to the organisers and people who participated who where good sports for allowing posing and allowing their photographs to be taken.

Fun was had by all, especially the unsuspecting city inhabitants.


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    • Thanks, y combinator! (back in September 28, 2008)

      “… Wow, I must live in a bubble, but bootload over at ycombinator put a link on the hacker news section about my little project, and I got a lot of emails! …”

      Hey Matt, I added the link because I was drooling over the OLED chips over at sparkfun but having no idea how to hook it up to an arduino when I stumbled on the TouchShield. The Homemade Arduino laptop / palmtop thingy post nicely illustrates the capability of the Arduino and sort of reminded me of my first computer (with less plastic) ~

      “… I’ve been inspired to upload a bunch of scans and ideas from my engineering ideas notebook up to the invention lab page. I’m thinking that I’ll start posting a bunch of scans for ideas, and based on comments and any emails …”

      Hopefully a few of the readers will get the idea that the next leap is probably in small sensor based computers.

      Regs PR



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