A new type of poverty


As Jamie Oliver was quoted in TheAge Newspaper, Good Weekend, p20: “There’s a new type of poverty and it’s f…ing knowledge poverty”. This is what I had for dinner, lamb slices with noodles vegetables celery tomato cabbage spring onion spices olive oil soy sauce spices. Lunch was the left-over vegetables – sans meat & noodles.

From a Startup newsgroup called HackerNews: Keep off the pounds or lose your mind more rapidly

“… food producers to stop sticking sugar and/or high-fructose corn syrup into EVERYTHING. …” ~ thread

That is a sign you are eating the wrong things. Just as I like my gasses simple [0] so I like my food simple. In fact a Scot would recognise my breakfast (Oats) and any Italian, Greek or Frenchman would recognise what I’m having for lunch (vegetables celery tomato cabbage spring onion spices olive oil soy sauce spices as the noodles & meat are gone) ~ www.flickr.com/photos/bootload/4383706461/ left over from last night.

A bit later

“… Noodles are hardly a good example of a healthy meal. …”

But in moderation. Probably twice/week. I’m eating the left-over vegetables only.

some time later

“… his is also not to mention all of the fruit juices/cocktails ..”

Squeeze your own so you know what’s in it.

“… Do I really need to have HFCS in my whole-grain bread? …”

Harder, but find a better baker.

“… It’s just depressing to see some juice at the grocery store that sounds like an interesting blend of fruit flavors only to realize that the first ingredient on the list is sugar. I mean how many people are actually reading those labels? They are probably buying those bottles of juice thinking that it’s somehow more ‘healthy’ than drinking soda, only to be deceived by the juice companies. …” (thread by pyre)

Look I agree. What’s not happening is transparency in food processing. That’s why I try to remove the processing out of my food. Am I 100% successful, no. But by buying the raw ingredients and cooking them up myself I can attempt to avoid this problem. Of course the next bit is knowing provenance of fruit and vegetables.

But that’s another problem. I guess as a consumer *we* can vote with our dollars to make a difference here.

How to make a difference


get a better baker


or bake your own


squeeze your own juice


source your basic consumables


buy them raw…


then cook them so you can eat this


or this


or something like this


but stick to real food


instead of this all the time.

Reference [0] Obscure Zodiac reference: “…The simpler the molecule, the better the drug. So the best drug is oxygen. Only two atoms. The second-best, nitrous oxide—a mere three atoms. The third-best, ethanol—nine. Past that, you’re talking lots of atoms …” ~ en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Neal_Stephenson#Zodiac_.281988.29

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