KeenWalk: Swags for Homeless


On Sunday I did a 5 minute lightning talk at Trampoline 3, in Melbourne, Sunday May 2nd about Swags for Homeless. I quickly explained the KeenWalk, marching from Canberra to Mount Koscuiszko for some context using some text Rob Burgess supplied Duncan for Defence Force publication, some advantages of the Swag, the organisation ( and creator, Tony Clark. I then explained how Duncan decided to road test a Swag and his initial impressions after a night in Jyndabyne, having the sprinklers turned on at three in the morning. I didn’t mention the fact he took a comfy pillow along.

2010MAY1634 2010MAY1632

Trampoline is an unconference and held in Melbourne at a venue called Donkey Wheel. Donkey Wheel is a privately funded organisation which encourages issues related to social change. The best way to explain Trampoline is to think of what we talked about on the march in one venue, on one day. I explained to the members of Trampoline, the KeenWalk was similar to Trampoline minus traveling 34 kilometers per day.

2010MAY1633 2010MAY1631

The quick summary went down well. A collection of images associated with Duncan, Collin, Liam assembling and filming the Swag can be found here. More information about Trampoline 3 and the previous Trampoline events I’ve attended can be found here



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