Through my eyes: going home


♬ You’d think it was easy to give your life away / To not have to live up to the promises you made / Going home, I’m going home 



Respect for life


“… As I carried poor little Penelope out to the car, Sara, on the phone to the Vet tells me they can’t see Penelope – in her greatest moment of need. And if we wanted assistance, we would need to wait an hour for an “appointment” while they tended to their routine injections. At the height of the confusion, little Penelope died, expiring her last breath in my arms as I tried to resuscitate her. I hope she felt loved in her final moments. We all loved her dearly. …” [0]

It’s a sad story Sam.

I think the saddest part is the way some respond to situations like this because it’s clear to me there is a lack of respect for life. It’s not hard to see why if you work with animals and health. Shielded by detachment, professionalism and priority. They are only pets… but there is also a duty of care. A duty of care to animal and owner. In different circumstances it could be a person.

A reminder to ourselves, all life commands respect.


Sam Sabey …thoughts of samotage, “Sometimes, it happens very quickly
[Accessed Sunday 20th June, 2010]

Through my eyes: sun green


♬ Sun Green started makin’ waves / on the day her grandpa died / speakin’ out against anything / unjust or packed with lies  / She chained herself to a statue of an eagle / in the lobby of Powerco / and started yellin’ through a megaphone / “there’s corruption on the highest floor” ♬ ~ greendale